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We are proud owners of this campervan having sold our family car to buy it in January 2021. It's our daily drive, our day trip van and our road trip hotel on wheels. As we learnt how to use it, we documented it and released videos on YouTube. 

If you're a Ford Nugget owner, prospective purchaser, or just want to have a look around this particular type of camper take a look around our YouTube channel. 

Organised into playlists on the channel:

-Exploring The Nugget (black)- technical and instructional info on the Ford Nugget

-Lockdown Silver Nuggets (white)- bit of fun on what we did with our Nugget in Lockdown

-Planning for the off (orange)- includes info on what we keep where both day to day and packing for a weekend away

-Product Focus(blue)- this includes the vlog we did with the MS-RT Ford Nugget prototype as well as vanlife products we like

Our Top Tips (green) - Ford Nugget specific including things we've adapted, tips and hacks to get the most out of the Ford Nugget


We also enjoy sharing our travel and days out - more on that here 

We hope you'll enjoy and find them useful and if so, we'd really appreciate it if you could subscribe. Thank you. 

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