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When the world stopped, our adventure began
Est 2021

Welcome to our website. We are a family based in Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. As for many others, the pandemic made us reassess our lives. It made us appreciate what was on our doorstep as well as further afield. 

With the aim to make the most of our downtime amongst busy family and work life, we want to get out there to do what we can when when we can. We're passionate about sharing this to bring you ideas and inspiration of places to visit and things to do.

 This adventure started for us when we bought our Ford Nugget campervan. As we learnt how to use it, we documented it on YouTube. It's all part of our adventure. So on here, you'll see some general vanlife and Ford Nugget camper info too. 

We hope there's something for everyone here- whether you have a campervan or not. Take a look around. We hope that by sharing our adventure, it will help others on the way. 



You can contact us on all our social media channels or via our email:

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